Customer Insights: The devil’s in the details

Customer insights… what a beautiful vision.

This image paints a beautiful image of what’s possible – and no doubt, achievable – however, the devil is in the details.

The journey to combine, correlate, clean, analyze and act upon customer data is never-ending. Just ask any data scientist or analyst.

Once you get the basics down – CRM, product usage, support data, etc. – then you can start adding additional user engagement data into the mix.

For example, open rates for emails sent to customers, webinar and conference attendance, social media posts advocating (or detracting) your company.

You see, there are signals of customer health everywhere. The pinnacle of success is not just to see customer data, but to leverage the strongest signals to identify risk, expansion opportunities and take action upon them.

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Jay is a former B2B SaaS company executive and Founder of Customer Imperative, a B2B SaaS consulting firm. He is obsessed with customer segmentation, metrics and ensuring that his clients retain their customers and drive upsells to maximize customer lifetime value. Husband to one, dad to three. Loves running, playing guitar, and beach days.

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