Jay Nathan

Founder & Managing Partner
With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Jay is a B2B SaaS executive with a deep focus on revenue growth, customer experience and driving customer success throughout organizations. Starting his career as a software engineer, Jay’s career has evolved through leadership positions in the most customer impacting functions: professional services, product management and customer success. Jay’s expertise is in managing and transforming all post-sale customer operations to grow revenue and deliver a differentiated customer experience.

As SVP of Customer Success for PeopleMatter, a VC-backed, B2B SaaS company with a successful exit to Snagajob, Jay built professional services, technical services, training, account management and customer success from the ground up. Prior to PeopleMatter, Jay was a director in both product management and professional services organizations at Blackbaud, an $850MM B2B SaaS company focused on powering social good. Jay’s focus at Customer Imperative is on developing the team to deliver highly impactful revenue growth and customer experience outcomes for world-class clients. Jay is a thought leader in the customer success industry and believes that every company can grow revenue faster with a customer-first approach.
Appalachian State University
Walker College of Business
BS Business Administration

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Posts by Jay Nathan
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Always Bring Value
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Growing and Scaling Customer Success
Designing and implementing customer success for B2B SaaS. Learn More ›
Go on the offense to better serve your customers
Establishing an offensive posture toward customers is the very essence of customer success, and it goes well beyond customer service which is typically reactive in nature. Learn More ›

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