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Jay Nathan

Founder & Managing Partner
Across the years and a number of different functional executive roles, I have developed a customer retention and growth methodology for building, managing and scaling tech companies serving a wide range of end-markets and customer sizes.

After spending nine years with Blackbaud and a successful exit of PeopleMatter to Snagajob in 2016, I founded Customer Imperative, a purpose-driven company focused on helping B2B SaaS retain customers, grow revenue and scale customer success.

Since founding Customer Imperative, my team has worked with dozens of B2B subscription businesses to design and execute customer-centric growth plans.

In addition to being a full time entrepreneur and SaaS fanatic, I am a dedicated husband, father of three, and an active member of Seacoast Church in Mt. Pleasant, SC (just outside of Charleston). I enjoy hiking and running, and I am a 30-year student of the guitar.

While still a number of years away, my long-term ambition is to launch a Jimmy Buffett cover band. For now, B2B SaaS growth is the focus.

Check out the Gain, Grow, Retain Podcast: https://customerimperative.com/podcast/
Appalachian State University
Walker College of Business
BS Business Administration

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Posts by Jay Nathan
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