Jeff Breunsbach

Director of Accounts
Jeff serves as Customer Imperative’s Director of Accounts, overseeing business operations and ensuring the delivery and quality of all client engagements. Since joining the company in 2018 Jeff has worked with numerous B2B SaaS clients to drive revenue growth through customer success strategy and execution.

Prior to joining Customer Imperative Jeff was an Account Director at Levelwing, a premier digital marketing agency based in Charleston, SC. There he oversaw delivery of services for a number of the most notable and recognizable enterprise B2B and B2C brands in the world.

Outside of work, Jeff loves spending time with his wife and their cockapoo, Toby. He is an avid golfer and athlete, and enjoys staying abreast of current business and financial news topics.

Jeff believes that great communication, standardization and process consistency lead to high customer engagement, satisfaction, loyalty, retention and growth. He has built and deployed frameworks and toolkits that allow our clients to realize these benefits, most notably, the SaaS Services Project Manager Toolkit.

Jeff is a graduate and active alumnus of the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC where he currently resides.
College of Charleston
Beatty School of Business

BS in Business Administration
Concentration in Finance

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