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Willow Moellering

Senior Consultant
Willow Moellering is a Customer Success Director, responsible for engaging with Customer Imperative’s clients to lead enablement and operations within their organizations. She is passionate about customer outcomes and ensuring that Customer Success teams align to retention and growth goals to show the benefit of a well-rounded organization. Our clients are enamored with her ability to get teams to focus on the key moments that will be impactful throughout the customer journey.

Prior to Customer Imperative, Willow has spent her career focused in customer-facing roles within B2B SaaS companies. She began her career with Blackbaud in customer-support roles before transitioning into customer success. Her experience led her to a role at Gainsight, a premier customer success platform, before moving to Benefitfocus where she led teams in the customer success support function. Most recently Willow joined a growth-stage B2B SaaS company, Bamboo Rose, to lead their global customer success team.
Appalachian State University
BA in English Language and Literature

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