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Customer engagement during COVID

March 20, 2020

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Thanks to our panelists:
Megan Bowen, Platterz
Ziv Peled, AppsFlyer
Aaron Thompson, SuccessHacker
Sheryl Hawk, Customer Imperative

Session Recap:

  • Customer Engagement
    • Customers are going to remember who was a partner and willing to ride this out with them!
    • CSMs need to be acutely aware of their customers needs at this time, reaching out with tailored messaging to understand how their services fit into the changing needs of their portfolio.
    • For industries that are experiencing a boom during this time, be sure to quickly communicate any expected downtime due to the higher demand on your organizations.
    • There is an opportunity to lean into this situation and foster a community around your customer base, allowing those in similar positions and situations to learn from each other.
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