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Customer success technology at early-stage B2B SaaS

May 8, 2020
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  • There was a remarkably high degree of the participants using either Hubspot or Salesforce as their CRM.
  • Salesforce was way more commonly used than I thought it would be – even companies of ~20 employees are finding it a good fit.
  • A significant portion of the participants said they’d put the proverbial cart before the horse and purchased technology (most notably, CS platforms) without having their processes figured out first.
  • There was general recognition that this was a recipe for disaster.

Action Item:

  • Participants mentioned they had as many as 6-8 different systems to go into to make a customer health score or a report for the board report. The more systems they have with disparate data, the better chance they have of data not syncing properly – and it wastes time on the part of the CSMs.
  • So – the takeaway was that participants were going to go back to their leadership teams and convince them to start consolidating customer-data tracking systems (maybe a single source of truth).
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