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Executive Business Reviews in Customer Success

May 22, 2020

CS Leadership Office Hours is a 1-hour Zoom every Thursday at 11:30am EST. It connects B2B SaaS customer success leaders in an open-dialogue to solve challenges.


TOPIC: Executive Business Reviews

Enterprise (Greater than $50k ACV)

Facilitator: Sheryl Hawk, Customer Imperative

Begin working with Champion to build an EBR that will draw the Economic Buyer to the meeting. Ensure that you cover: Industry Benchmarks and ROI when applicable.

🚨 What tactics are people using to get your Economic Buyers to attend the EBR?
↠ Work with your champion to provide content that is meaningful to the EB ↠ Have the company Exec Sponsor reach out and invite the customer EB ↠ Conduct EBRs in a cadence that works for the EB

🚨 How is feedback from the EBR captured and communicated to the rest of the company?
↠ For Enterprise accounts typically senior company leadership attends (including, Product Management, Marketing, Exec Sponsor) so they are able to hear the feedback directly.

SMB (Less than $50k ACV)

Facilitator: Nils Vinje, Glide Consulting

Draw a timeline on a whiteboard or a piece of paper and plot your Business Review points on the timeline. You'll get a feeling pretty quickly for whether or not you are doing them at the right interval. There's something about seeing a timeline visually that helps you gain perspective.

🚨 How often should you be doing Business Reviews for the SMB customers? ↠ Collective answer - It depends :).
↠ Some people do them quarterly and some do them 2x a year. One company did them at 90 days after implementation and then again at 90 days prior to renewal and that's it.

🚨 What data should you include in a Business Review for an SMB customer?
↠ The data that should tell the story of the value your product/solution is delivering. Customers will never think about all of the amazing things your product/solution does for them and it is your job to remind them of this great value.

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