Revisiting the 2019 KeyBanc Capital Markets SaaS Survey Results
KeyBanc released its 10th annual SaaS survey which was conducted in 2019 to provide useful operational and financial benchmarking data to executives and investors in SaaS companies. Learn More ›
Retooling segmentation given the current financial climate
Given the current times, we need to be thinking about our engagement with customers differently. We must adapt quickly. Learn More ›
Steve Bernstein, Waypoint Group
In this episode, we are joined by Steve Bernstein, the Founder of Waypoint Group and TopBox. Steve has spent his career perfecting the art of customer feedback and NPS programs as It relates to software companies. Steve offers up his opinion on when to survey customers, the types of questions you should be asking, and […] Learn More ›
Katie Yagodnik, Monster
In this episode, Jeff and Katie talk through how Monster has had to leverage customer success technology to deploy against their customer journey. She has worked cross-functionally to implement the tool, data and processes to help her customer success team manage their books of business effectively.  --Big shout out to Katie and the Monster team!Monster: […] Learn More ›
5 Customer-centric Processes to Begin Immediately
Through our work with dozens of growth-stage, B2B SaaS companies and conversations with hundreds of execs and CS leaders we've identified a handful of processes that can move the needle quickly. Learn More ›
EP017 - Lauren Culbertson, LoopVOC
Jay and Jeff sit down with Lauren Culbertson, Founder and CEO of LoopVOC. They talk through some key topics that link Voice of Customer programs to the larger business strategy:  The importance of having consistent feedback loops How VOC programs play into your customer success strategy Why the voice of the customer has become so […] Learn More ›
I'm often asked if CS is a derivative of sales or support...
The answer is neither. Learn More ›
Customer Segmentation is not a one size fits all
One of the most elemental pieces of our customer retention and growth strategy... Learn More ›
Gail and Bruce Montgomery, ExperienceYES
Jay and Jeff sit down with Gail and Bruce Montgomery to talk through how Improvisation and art of Stand-Up Improv can be applied to business. --Big shout out to Gail and BruceGail: --This podcast is brought to you by Jay Nathan and Jeff Breunsbach of Customer Imperative, where we help B2B SaaS organizations build growth […] Learn More ›
Stacie Ward, Red Canary
This week we sat down with Stacie Ward, VP Customer Care at Red Canary. Her tenure in both sales and CS has made her an expert at taking an integrated approach to CS. She's really looking at ways to build long-term relationships with her customers In order to stay solutions-focused and drive retention In her […] Learn More ›
Abby Hammer, ChurnZero
This episode, Jay and Jeff welcome Abby Hammer, Chief Customer Officer and Head of Products at ChurnZero. She's a rockstar that marries product and customer success and lets us in on her best strategies for connecting the two. --Big shout out to Abby and ChurnZero: Hammer: --This podcast is brought to you by Jay Nathan […] Learn More ›
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