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Customer Success Alignment to SaaS Metrics
We're firm believers that Customer Success teams should play a role in driving these metrics. Learn More ›
In-App NPS: Good idea or bad? (spoiler alert: it's bad)
In the moment, a user’s perception of your company could swing wildly depending on the quality of or ease with which that transaction was executed. Learn More ›
Customer Insights: The devil is in the details
The journey to combine, correlate, clean, analyze and act upon customer data is never-ending. Learn More ›
Don't change. Transform.
SaaS and other services monetized via subscriptions and transactional models need transformation to survive. Learn More ›
Humans Never Get Tired of Personalized Communication
Let’s stop hammering our users with boring, tired content, and start giving them something to anticipate. Learn More ›
Why aren't you letting CSMs design the customer journey?
One challenge that we have in Customer Success organizations is retaining and growing our best individual contributors. Learn More ›
The Second Sale
The Second Sale begins immediately after the first sale is closed, and it’s a continuous flow of small wins. Learn More ›
Customers don't onboard, users do
The second sale is the one in which we convince users to attend trainings, share information and ultimately USE our product. Learn More ›
Customer Portfolio Segmentation for Customer Success Managers
Customer portfolio segmentation strategy is usually determined by size of account, industry vertical, product package purchased, or a combination of these and other factors. Learn More ›
Loss of champion as a major source of churn
Change of Sponsor/Champion can be a major source of churn. This is when the financial buyer of your service leaves the company or is promoted into another area of the business. Learn More ›
Dig deeper to understand customer churn
Disappointed, but oddly satisfied, I hung up the phone from a call with a recently-churned customer. I wasn’t satisfied that we lost a customer, but I was now armed with valuable new information that would lead to a breakthrough in our sales model. Learn More ›
Are you giving customers tools when they need solutions?
Service in the on-demand economy is not about responding when a user reports a problem; it’s about being there in advance to teach users how to get value from your product. Learn More ›

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