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"Our customers are calling our CSMs instead of support."

By Jay Nathan

"Our customers are calling our CSMs instead of support."


?The CSM role is ill-defined, nobody knows what it does so it devolves to an extension of support.

?The implementation team is introducing the CSM after onboarding, so the customer thinks it's another technical resource.

?Support is overloaded and can't handle more complex requests.

Once CSMs are in reactionary mode - responding to customer requests - they are no longer strategic actors for customer or the business. And it's difficult (not impossible) to take this away from customers after they have it.

To maximize the value of #customersuccess teams we have to get them **out of the support loop** so they can:

- reinforce the value of our product/company

- provide best practice consultation

- identify expansion opportunities

Who has pivoted away from this model? Would love to hear some success stories.

Published December 20, 2019
About the Author

I've spent my career working in technology companies to build customer-centric teams, processes and technology platforms. In 2017, I founded Customer Imperative, a consulting firm that helps fast-growing B2B SaaS companies improve renewals, increase expansion sales and scale customer engagement. See full bio ›

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