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From strategic planning to fully managed processes, our services are designed to create a culture of customer success that releases your company's full potential. We consult exclusively with B2B software companies of any size, specializing in defining and implementing revenue growth strategies through customer success.


Strategy & Diagnostic
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Enablement & Operations
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Technology & Managed Services
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Customer Imperative is a Gainsight strategic partner, using the platform to bring industry leading customer success automation, data and insights through powerful technology.
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Gain deep insights into your current customer success strategy, define where you need to be, and align your team around the highest priority initiatives to evolve.
Through a combination of workshops, customer interviews and data analysis, we conduct a diagnostic review of your customer success program. We diligently study your business to take a cross-functional look at the strategy, people, processes, metrics and technology needed to grow. Our team then works with your team to prioritize a roadmap of initiatives to achieve your customer-first approach.

Customer Success Strategy & Diagnostic

  • Align your executive team around initiatives that drive customer growth
  • Structure your organizational model around customer success
  • Clearly define customer success roles & responsibilities
  • Achieve revenue retention targets and upsell sales goals
  • Improve time-to-value through a streamlined onboarding process
  • Evolve and drive customer experience through customer journey mapping
  • Benchmark your customer success strategy against 30+ B2B SaaS companies


Executive & Team Workshops, Customer Interviews
Customer Segmentation Accelerator
Customer Journey
Org Design & Organizational Scalability
Onboarding & Time-to-Value
Systems, Metrics & Data Analysis

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Scale your team with people, processes and technology to improve customer success productivity and increase revenue. We’ll be your customer success Chief of Staff.
Growth-stage SaaS companies don’t always have the luxury of an in-house customer success operations team. As prior customer success leaders, our enablement and operations experts partner with your team to plan and execute customer success and customer experience initiatives, throughout the process.

Customer Success Enablement & Operations

  • Leverage proven customer success methodology
  • Work at the pace your business can handle
  • Access deep customer success and B2B SaaS expertise
  • Drive improvement in systems to support customer success
  • Save on resources from hiring additional system admins
  • Lower risk and lower cost of entry than traditional consulting
  • Ensure consistency through internal staff transitions


Planning & Prioritization of Key
Strategic Account Planning
Definition & Recurring Analysis of Key Metrics
Asset 694
Design for Automation & Efficiency Through Technology
Development of Revenue Risk and Growth Playbooks
Management of Strategic Programs

We can work with your team to improve customer success.

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We fully manage your processes and technologies, harnessing your talent, data and customer intelligence to deliver the right information where and when it is needed.
Many growing companies don’t have the resources to administer systems, drive adherence to processes and ensure that data is properly distributed. We bring advanced skills and experience to implement and administer customer success tools, optimize data and apply insights in order to create exceptional user experiences and deliver results previously unimaginable.

Customer Success Technology & Managed Services

  • Use technology to automate key customer processes
  • Standardize processes and data to help your teams succeed
  • Harvest useful analytics to inform customer success plans
  • Solidify and automate your voice-of-customer and NPS programs
  • Design and manage scalable tech-touch customer engagement
  • Assemble board content with confidence and ease
  • Save payroll cost as we manage the systems, data and processes for you


Platform Design and Implementation
Voice-of-Customer & Feedback Management
Customer Lifecycle Management
Retention & Renewal Processes
Customer Experience & NPS Management
Ongoing Platform Administration

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