Our Customer Success Solutions

CS Analytics

It’s impossible to increase customer retention, upsell and advocacy without a data-driven view of your customers.

We work with you to bring together data from CRM, finance, marketing and product to develop a comprehensive customer view which allows us to prioritize customer success efforts, drive renewals and proactively mitigate customer health risks.


  • Customer Segmentation
    • Ideal Client Profiling
    • Customer Segmentation Model
    • Customer Cohort Analysis
    • CSM Portfolio Planning
  • Revenue Modeling
    • Retention Analysis
    • Churn Analysis
    • Renewal Forecasting
    • Revenue Waterfall Modeling
    • Customer Cohort Analysis
  • Upsell Opportunity Identification
    • White Space Analysis
    • Upsell Opportunity Scoring
  • Customer Health Scoring
    • Ideal Client Profiling
    • Customer Engagement Scoring
    • Customer Risk Analysis

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CS Discovery

Do you understand the factors that impact customer retention and expansion for your business? We go straight to the source – your customers – to find answers from the outside-in. We map the customer journey to gain an intimate knowledge of customer needs, understand value drivers, pinpoint success gaps and identify engagement needs.


  • Customer Experience Research
    • “Agendaless Listening” Call Campaign
    • Customer Value Survey
    • Won/Lost Renewal Call Campaign (Churn Analysis)
    • Jobs to be Done Analysis
  • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Customer Experience Assessment
    • Customer Maturity Model Development
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CS Design

Every SaaS business is unique. The markets you serve, type and size of contracts, stickiness of your products, expansion sales potential and in-house talent are just a few of the variables that impact how customer success should be implemented.

Our CS Design solutions help you evaluate tradeoffs and implement a customer success model that will drive revenue growth for your business.


  • Customer Success Objectives and Goal-setting
    • Objectives and Key Results Definition
    • Priority Alignment Workshop
  • Customer Engagement Model Design
    • Foundational Message Guide
    • Enterprise Account Planning Model
    • Low-touch / Automated Engagement Plan
    • Sales and CS Roles and Responsibilities Plan (RACI)
    • Customer Feedback Program
  • Revenue Accountability Planning
    • Adoption, Renewal and Upsell Ownership Plan
    • CSM Territory Plan
    • CSM Compensation Plan
  • Service Model Design
    • Tiered Service Offerings Packages
    • Time to Value Assessment
    • Service Roles and Responsibilities Plan (RACI)
    • Capacity Model
  • Talent Planning
    • Job Profiles and Hiring Scorecards
    • CSM Talent Review
    • Services Talent Review
    • Executive Recruiting Support
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How We Work


We meet with your team and gather data to gain a broad view of your market, strategy, customers, and structure.


We segment your customers, capture their perspectives and review existing processes to pinpoint areas of opportunity.


We work with your team to establish goals and define roles, responsibilities, and customer engagement playbooks.


We work with your leaders to deploy and communicate changes to your organization, systems and processes.


We help you monitor key metrics and adjust your programs to ensure that you are meeting your goals.

How can we help you?

We are here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and help uncover opportunities within your organization.