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Success plans at mature-stage B2B SaaS

May 8, 2020
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Biggest questions on the mind of the group (I sourced this list at the beginning of the call so we knew where to focus and then we addressed each one):

  • Who should get a success plan?
  • Should a success plan always be built in conjunction with the customer?
  • How do you use a success plan when a customer becomes at-risk?
  • How do you operationalize a success plan?
  • How do you handle success plans for different segments?
  • Success planning is easier for new clients, how do you roll it out for existing clients?

Key Takeaways:

  • Even the biggest organizations don't have success planning perfectly nailed - seems to be a moving target
  • Using a RACI chart can be incredibly helpful for clarifying who is responsible for what when it comes to executing against the success plan
  • The dominant technology used for success plans by this group was either a document or a spreadsheet - there is not a widely adopted technology
  • The enablement of the team becomes important as they need to understand 'why' the success plan is designed - helps them have better conversations. Don't skip this step, include them in the process!
  • For current clients, make it a priority for the CSM to design a new success plan - create an email that they can leverage to introduce this concept on their next strategic call
  • When scaling down to smaller segments, consider some of the following:
    • How are we collecting the information?
    • Do we update this frequently? Or does this become annual?
    • Do we adjust the content of the Success Plan for different segments?

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