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Tag: Customer Segmentation

Customer Retention with the Thriving-Striving-Surviving Health Score
SaaS businesses need to understand every customer’s unique situation right now. Here’s how to run a customer health segmentation exercise without creating a lot of friction for your customers. Learn More ›
Retooling segmentation given the current financial climate
Given the current times, we need to be thinking about our engagement with customers differently. We must adapt quickly. Learn More ›
Customer Segmentation is not a one size fits all
One of the most elemental pieces of our customer retention and growth strategy... Learn More ›
Nalu Medeiros, foreUP Golf
Nalu Meideros, Director of Customer Success at foreUP joins Jeff and Jay in this episode. ForeUP is the first cloub-based point-of-sale software for the golf industry based in the Silicon Slopes (aka Lehi, Utah). He talks about the need for constant improvement in Customer Success, customer segmentation, hiring CSM’s, and more! Learn More ›
Go on the offense to better serve your customers
Establishing an offensive posture toward customers is the very essence of customer success, and it goes well beyond customer service which is typically reactive in nature. Learn More ›
Is Your Customer Segmentation Too Basic?
Most B2B SaaS companies know that not all customers are the same. The concept of segmenting customers, and building an account coverage model based on these segments, is not a new idea. Learn More ›
Customer Portfolio Segmentation for Customer Success Managers
Customer portfolio segmentation strategy is usually determined by size of account, industry vertical, product package purchased, or a combination of these and other factors. Learn More ›

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