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Our Approach

Customer Success Begins With You

Building customer success in any size SaaS company is an iterative process, aligned to revenue goals and go-to-market strategy. We work to design your approach to customer success so you can grow faster by becoming a customer-first company.
Objective 01

Retain revenue and customers

We help you deliver on your brand promise and achieve better outcomes for the customers you serve.
A better outcome leads to more renewals, more sales and more customer success. Reinforce your existing customer base by developing committed relationships, while encouraging them to dive deeper and expect more from your products and services.

Enhance Revenue Retention

  • Achieve better outcomes for your customers and products

  • Implement a better account coverage model

  • Understand and deliver on your brand promise

  • Develop a structure and process for account renewals

Objective 02

Create a successful customer journey

We help you develop an intuitive on-boarding experience and strengthen your approach to serving your customers throughout their journey.
From the moment you gain a customer, they begin their journey with you. Starting with first impressions to how you handle complex issues, they must learn to expect care and excellence at every level.

Elevate the Customer Experience

  • Tailor the customer journey for each of your customer segments
  • Identify hand-offs at critical points in the customer lifecycle
  • Properly measure NPS, customer satisfaction and account health
  • Implement effective customer on-boarding and time to value
Objective 03

Gain and retain new customers

We help you determine the most effective ways to grow and increase your customer base, by removing barriers to growth and unleashing your potential.
Close your sales gap by identifying how and where your company adds value, and communicating the significance of your brand promise to existing and future customers.

Expand your Customer Base

  • Experience growth by identifying upsell opportunities
  • Design the organization for both renewals and upselling
  • Position the full value of what the company offers
  • Convert customers into brand advocates
Objective 04

Prepare for growth and expansion

We help you deepen your effectiveness and broaden your reach by scaling your efforts through automation.
We help you deepen your effectiveness and broaden your reach by scaling your efforts through automation. By utilizing technology to develop repeatable processes, you will be better equipped to serve more customers effectively in less time. This leads to consistent interactions, customer success insights, and an incredible reputation.

Expand Through Scalability

  • Scale customer engagement with tech-touch methodology
  • Monitor customer insights and actions with more clarity
  • Cultivate product adoption and product-driven growth
  • Develop an automated customer lifecycle

Success Stories

We have helped more than 30 B2B SaaS companies scale revenue, improve customer experience and drive customer outcomes. Ranging from $1 million to $500 million in annual recurring revenue, our clients prove the value of customer success at every stage.
Defined client services and success organization for a rapidly growing $15MM software and services company
Reorganized sales and customer success functions to increase customer upsell revenues at a $60MM company
Created a customer success playbook to drive platform adoption for a $25MM software company
Supported acquisition due-diligence process for a $1B private equity fund
Built customer segmentation and expansion campaign for a $150MM payments company
Developed the job specification for and supported the hiring of an SVP, Customer Success role for a $15MM software company
Developed a Customer Success program to increase retention and renewal rates at a $25MM company

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