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April 9, 2020

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How changes have leaders implemented to drive more customer engagement right now?

  • Offering executive and leadership level meetings like EBRs and Strategy Meetings to segments of your customer base that normally do not have access to these for free has been a successful strategy for many organizations right now. 
  • Casual outreach for engagement like sending a video message of the CS and holding virtual Happy Hours and Coffee Breaks has gone over well with customers.
  • Instead of providing bland WFH content, make it applicable to your solution and how different functions of your platform could be helpful right now. 
  • Recording content that would normally be discussed in person or in meetings to allow clients to consume on their own time.

What are people’s thoughts on implementing CS-specific platforms right now?

  • They are incredible tools that are very valuable for organizations that are servicing industries that are booming right now.
  • These tools require a lot of established practice and CS maturity to implement effectively, and therefore those that are adjusting their strategy right now, and expect to re-adjust when we are back to BAU may want to wait. 
  • Similarly to have established practices in place, training and change management may be tough while employees are still getting used to working from home.

The Feedback Loop

Feedback remains high! Some things that we’re noodling:

  • How can we keep the conversation going outside of Weekly Office Hours? And do it effectively...
  • How can we create more niche groups during Office Hours to elicit more collaboration?

We take these two questions seriously as we think it is the key to unlocking more value from this group. Overall our NPS remained high at 95 for the recent session. Among the more positive feedback, there was some constructive feedback that we want to highlight: 

  • "Overall useful, good leaders joining and good questions. Could be organized in a way where other people participate. It seemed like the same 3 people took over the conversations. Also, crowdsourcing questions while democratic, might not yield the most useful questions so maybe bring questions from your own experience as CS consultants"

We’re going to take this to heart. We’d like to lock-in our topics on Wednesday of this week so that everybody can prepare and hopefully increase participation across the board.

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