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Make a year's worth of progress in weeks
See if the 90 Day CS Accelerator is right for your growing SaaS company Learn More ›
Who Should Own Renewals and Upsells: Sales or Customer Success Managers?
Boaz S. Maor and Jay Nathan explore one of the most common topics in customer success forums, conference, blogs and management meetings. Learn More ›
Transition between Implementation & Customer Success
CS Leadership Office Hours - Global Leadership Collaboration for Customer Success innovators. Every Thursday, 11:30am EDT. Learn More ›
Keep your CSMs 100% Accountable
Damien Howley, VP of Customer Success at Passport, brings forward his Commitment Scale, a tool he uses to keep his CSMs 100% accountable. Learn More ›
Structuring your NPS Program with Steve Bernstein
Why NPS must go beyond the survey. Tactical advice on gathering - and using - customer feedback with Steve Bernstein (Waypoint Group) and Jay Nathan. Learn More ›
Lauren Culbertson, LoopVOC
We talk through some key topics that link Voice of Customer programs to the larger business strategy. Learn More ›
Customer Segmentation is not a one size fits all
One of the most elemental pieces of our customer retention and growth strategy... Learn More ›
Grow Faster with a Customer-First Approach
Customer Success teams are looking to harness data to produce insights they can act against to reduce customer churn and increase satisfaction and upselling opportunities. Learn More ›
Stacie Ward, Red Canary
We discuss how she is building long-term relationships with her customers in order to stay solutions-focused and drive retention In her business. Learn More ›
Manage Your Customer Lifecycle at Scale
Drive customer success and growth strategy through AI, analytics and automation. Learn More ›
Stop Chasing the Net Promoter Score
NPS’s high response rates and open-ended feedback mechanism allow customers to cut straight to the heart of their pleasure or disdain. Learn More ›
Can an NPS overhaul get higher response rates?
Do you ever open a survey, only to find a huge set of questions and immediately close it? You’re not alone. Learn More ›

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