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Category: Sales

Who Should Own Renewals and Upsells: Sales or Customer Success Managers?
Boaz S. Maor and Jay Nathan explore one of the most common topics in customer success forums, conference, blogs and management meetings. Learn More ›
4 ways to align your customer success & sales teams
What are two departments that seem to always be at odds with one another in #b2bsaas companies with less than $50MM ARR? Learn More ›
Owning the Number
The drum beat is getting louder in the B2B SaaS world: Customer Success Management teams need to align themselves with revenue.  Learn More ›
Should CSMs Own Cross Selling?
So, if your cross sell opportunities involve selling into a new group within an existing customer or against a competitor’s new logo sales executive, consider having an AE handle the opportunity. Learn More ›
Don't change. Transform.
SaaS and other services monetized via subscriptions and transactional models need transformation to survive. Learn More ›
The Second Sale
The Second Sale begins immediately after the first sale is closed, and it’s a continuous flow of small wins. Learn More ›
The Virtuous Cycle of SaaS Customer Success
I think of a SaaS company as a contiguous system of interdependent functions. Learn More ›
What if customers only paid for performance?
In other words, if our product doesn’t produce measurable results, no cash changes hands. Learn More ›
Customer Success or Sales: Who owns SaaS Upsell, Cross Sell, and Renewal?
Who owns upsell? This is a classic question that every SaaS company must answer at one point or another. Learn More ›

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