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Where Should Customer Success Live? And Who Owns the Number?

By Willow Moellering

For our initial webinar we wanted to discuss a widely debated topic – “Where should customer success live? And who should own the ARR number?”.

Our founder, Jay Nathan, had the opportunity to kick off our upcoming webinar series as a guest with ClientSuccess.  Jay dives in for about 25 minutes on the Customer Imperative viewpoint and a few initial concepts to get the ball rolling. There’s by no means a one-size-fits-all solution but these concepts and models can help serve as guideposts along the journey. 

Check out the webinar below as it covers:

  • Where should customer success live in your organization
  • How to determine a model to determine ARR ownership
  • What does it mean to “own” a customer
  • How does customer relationship complexity factor in?
  • Who should own customer engagement activities

Click HERE for the slides that Jay presented
Click HERE for the example Enterprise RACI chart

Shoutout to ClientSuccess for the opportunity.  ClientSuccess™ is revolutionizing the way SaaS companies proactively manage, retain, and grow their existing customer base. We deliver a holistic, personal approach to managing success throughout the customer lifecycle. Our customer success management platform provides actionable insights, rich customer analytics, and best practices that will help you maximize the lifetime value of your customers.

Published April 24, 2019
About the Author

Willow is the Customer Success Director, responsible for engaging with Customer Imperative’s clients to lead enablement and operations within their organizations, ensuring that Customer Success teams align to retention and growth goals to show the benefit of a well-rounded organization. See full bio ›

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