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40 SaaS Companies, 80 Customer Success pros, one room; What I learned
...the discourse has shifted toward execution and operations: building process and transforming organizations to capitalize on customer-centric growth opportunities. Learn More ›
SPOTLIGHT: CS Operations with Anna Hill from HigherLogic
We had a great Q&A session with Anna around the impact of customer success operations and hope that you might gain a better understanding of how this position can make an impact on revenue growth for your business. Learn More ›
Go on the offense to better serve your customers
Establishing an offensive posture toward customers is the very essence of customer success, and it goes well beyond customer service which is typically reactive in nature. Learn More ›
Where Should Customer Success Live? And Who Owns the Number?
For our initial webinar we wanted to discuss a widely debated topic – “Where should customer success live? And who should own the ARR number?”. Learn More ›
Stop Chasing the Net Promoter Score
NPS’s high response rates and open-ended feedback mechanism allow customers to cut straight to the heart of their pleasure or disdain. Learn More ›
Top 5 Customer Imperatives for 2019
Successful SaaS businesses are quickly realizing that customer success is not just a department, but is better positioned as a cross-functional discipline. Learn More ›
Can an NPS overhaul get higher response rates?
Do you ever open a survey, only to find a huge set of questions and immediately close it? You’re not alone. Learn More ›
The Makings of a Great Customer Success Email
While there is still some level of automation involved, the combination of automation and personalization is a scalable way to engage with customers. Learn More ›
Humans Never Get Tired of Personalized Communication
Let’s stop hammering our users with boring, tired content, and start giving them something to anticipate. Learn More ›
Customers don't onboard, users do
The second sale is the one in which we convince users to attend trainings, share information and ultimately USE our product. Learn More ›

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